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Gratitude & Glimmers

There is a load of social research evidence which shows that practicing gratitude can make a positive psychological impact including overall improved sense of wellbeing, deeper relationships, increased optimism and increased happiness. 

In relation to your dog training journey, practicing gratitude for your dog and all the positive things they bring to your life may help to support your bond and make training overall feel more positive. 

One way you could practice gratitude around your dog is by keeping a glimmers record. 'glimmers' refer to positive things you experience during the day, however minor they may appear. An example of dog centred glimmers could be:

  • I got up early and saw the sun rising on our dog walk together
  • When i cried my dog automatically came up to me to comfort me and that made me feel better.
  • I am so grateful for the company my dog brings to my household and life.

You can just think about your daily glimmers or note them down somewhere. We've created this little poster for you as one way you could record your weekly glimmers with your dog. You can download this weekly glimmers poster here.

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